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Time after time, businesses choose Pioneer Paving for our sensible design standards, custom solutions and superior commercial paving and masonry projects. After all, our years of experience and continued commitment to excellence mean that your project will be completed with the care and competence that only we can provide.

Commercial Paving

If you need an attractive, professional parking lot or access road at a fair price, Pioneer Paving is here to help. Our patented process and use of New York State Department of Transportation-approved asphalt will help ensure that your commercial paving is taken care of from start to finish—and many years down the line.

Recreational Paving

We construct all types of outdoor playing surfaces to fit your needs. We create courts in many sizes, configurations and colors that will complement your facility and its surrounding landscape.


Fine, well-crafted masonry is a great way to give a solid first impression at a business or office. From Belgian blocks and refined Bluestone to clay bricks and concrete, there are several options for your commercial masonry project.

Seal Coating

Sealcoating is a petroleum-based liquid that protects asphalt from oxidation and the damage caused by winter cracking, UV rays and traffic. Pioneer Paving hand applies sealcoating to your asphalt surface to ensure the best possible coverage.

Sealcoating is not only for cold climates. Since asphalt is a petroleum product, other petroleum products will react with the surface. This includes vehicle oil and gasoline. The sealcoat will act as a barrier against those materials.

Sealcoating also improves traction on pavement, giving it more texture and grip for motorists and pedestrians alike.


If your business is anything like ours, you are committed to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. That’s why our commercial paving experts use state-of-the-art equipment to recycle your old asphalt parking lot to be used in the foundation of your new parking lot.

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