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A home is your greatest investment. However, most people don’t realize that residential paving and masonry can greatly enhance their home’s curb appeal and property value, as well. If you’re looking to take your home’s paving or masonry to the next level, Pioneer Paving is here to help.

Our expert contractors are willing and able to develop, design and install sensible, superior masonry and paving from start to finish.

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Residential Paving

A custom, well-crafted asphalt driveway speaks volumes, and Pioneer Paving can help yours make a statement for years to come.

After all, we here at Pioneer are committed to residential paving that compliments the property, fits your budget and lasts for a long time. That’s why we use only the finest New York State Department of Transportation-approved asphalt—to guarantee that your driveways looks good but can still resist the elements and stand the test of time.

Recreational Paving

Do you need an outdoor basketball or tennis court? Our residential paving experts can build an outdoor playing surface to fit your custom needs and specifications.

Tennis and basketball asphalt courts built by Pioneer Paving are ideal for the active, sports-minded individuals of today. We construct courts in many sizes, configurations and colors to compliment your home and surrounding landscape. The bottom line is that our completed courts not only look good, they play well, too.


We can also help add classic elegance and durability to your driveway, stoop, walkway or patio using a wide variety of attractive masonry materials.

High-Quality Masonry Materials

Belgian Blocks

Belgian blocks make great borders, curbs or aprons for your driveway. This stone, which is commonly known as a cobblestone, has been used for streets and walkways since the Middle Ages. In fact, some are still in use today.


For a refined, sophisticated look, Bluestone is a great alternative. Also known as flagstone, Bluestone creates striking steps and patios. Edges can be clean or rustic to achieve just the look you desire.


It’s hard to argue with the classic look of brick borders and paving. The beauty and rich color of clay paving is an inherent property of the material. Color is not added as an artificial dye or pigment during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the integrity of the clay material is maintained and remains as the primary reason why clay brick paving will never fade over time.


Concrete is probably one of the most versatile residential paving materials available. It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, allowing for complete design flexibility. Concrete pavers are also extremely dense units. They possess exceptional strength and durability, superior stability under severe loads, and the ability to not be affected by the extremes of heat and frost, making them virtually maintenance-free.

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